12 Walt Disney World Attractions We’re Totally Obsessed With

2) Spaceship Earth – EPCOT As Guests enter Disney’s EPCOT, they begin to feel tiny in comparison to a large silver sphere just inside the park’s gates. This is Spaceship Earth, and it’s not only the iconic structure at EPCOT; it’s also the very first attraction Guests encounter at EPCOT. Inside the huge silver sphere is a ride aboard a time rover that takes Guests back 40,000 years and recounts the development and progress of language and communication from the Stone Age to the Age of Information. Guests will see a woolly mammoth, Michelangelo and even Steve Jobs before getting a view from space of the Earth and the stars. Then aboard the time rovers, Guests are invited to create a future for themselves via an interactive touchscreen inside each time rover. This attraction is fun and informative for the whole family.