12 Underrated Foods Everyone Should Try At Walt Disney World

5. Poutine – The Daily Poutine – While Disney Springs is home to many amazing full service dining locations, there are also some quick service alternatives that serve up delicious cuisine and food options. One location located in the Town Center area of Disney Springs tends to go unnoticed because of the plethora of full service locations around it, however guests should definitely plan on giving this location a try. The Daily Poutine specializes in the Canadian snack and offers several variations of French fries with toppings. Guests can order up the Classic Poutine which features French fries, beef poutine gravy, and cheddar cheese curds or opt for the Italian Poutine which features a base of French Fries with mozzarella and Bolognese sauce. The French Poutine also features a bed of French fries covered with mushroom cream sauce and gruyere cheese, and adventurous guests can also opt to try the Latin Poutine which features a base of fried yucca smothered with black beans, pulled pork, and queso fresco. No matter what style of poutine a guest wants to try, they are sure to love the options offered at The Daily Poutine in Disney Springs! (Photo credit: Disney)