12 Underrated Foods Everyone Should Try At Walt Disney World

10. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich – Multiple Locations – The weather in Walt Disney World can be pretty extreme during the summer months with very high temperatures, strong sunshine, and high humidity levels. All of this leads guests to need to stay hydrated with lots of water but also to stay cool which can be done by enjoying a delicious chilly snack. While there are plenty of locations throughout Walt Disney World to enjoy ice cream snacks, there is one particular food that often tends to be overlooked. The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich is the perfect combination of refreshing and warm and is a great way for guests to cool down on hot days in the parks. The treat features two warm, freshly baked cookies pressed around a scoop of cold, refreshing ice cream. Guests can find the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich at multiple locations throughout Walt Disney World, but one of the most popular options is the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Guests can choose from hand-scooped flavors and enjoy them pressed between two delicious cookies! It’s also worth noting that the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich is big enough to share, but guests won’t want to!