12 Underrated Foods Everyone Should Try At Walt Disney World

1. Waffle Sandwich – Sleepy Hollow – The number one overlooked and underrated food option to try in Walt Disney World is located at a quick service dining location in the Magic Kingdom that many guests walk right by. Sleepy Hollow can be found in Liberty Square just over the bridge from the hub of Cinderella Castle and it is housed inside a charming brick building. Part of the appeal of Sleepy Hollow is its outdoor seating area which offers quiet and beautiful views of Cinderella Castle for guests to enjoy. Sleepy Hollow’s claim to fame are its waffle sandwiches which are all based on warm and delicious Belgian style waffles which guests are sure to love. The Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich is a great savory option to try throughout the day at Sleepy Hollow, but guests who are looking for a sweet bite have plenty of options. The Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich comes served with several fruits and chocolate hazelnut spread, and guests can enjoy Mickey shaped waffles with powdered sugar or strawberries and whipped cream. With delicious food options and beautiful views, it is no wonder why the guests who stop by Sleepy Hollow love it so much!

By Caitlin Kane