12 Things You Simply MUST Do Every Trip To Walt Disney World

5. Spaceship Earth -- Guests who imagine Epcot immediately conjure up images of one of the most classic and recognizable attractions in Walt Disney World. Spaceship Earth is located just inside the main entrance of the park and is housed in a massive structure of the same name. The structure is a geodesic sphere which is covered in more than eleven thousand futuristic looking silver triangles. Once inside the attraction, guests board Time Machines and travel back to the beginning of time to begin a journey to modern day exploring and celebrating the history and development of communication. Guests can enjoy a trip through history witnessing important communication moments such as the Renaissance, the invention of the personal computer, and man landing on the moon. In addition to these wonderful moments, guests can also enjoy an interactive component where they answer a series of questions and then see a cartoon vignette of their future play out.