12 Things You Simply MUST Do Every Trip To Walt Disney World


6. Soarin’ Around the World -- One of the most popular attractions in Epcot can be found on the lower level of The Land Pavilion across from Sunshine Seasons restaurant and Living with the Land. Soarin’ Around the World brings guests into a massive airplane hangar and invites then to embark on a thrilling and beautiful hang gliding adventure. Guests can enjoy a preshow hosted by Patrick Warburton plus a glimpse of some of the locations that they are about to enjoy. Once seated and buckled in, guests take to the skies to hang glide over some of the most beautiful locations on Earth. Guests can dangle their feet over places like the Taj Mahal, Monument Valley, Sydney Harbor, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, and Great Pyramid. In addition to the gorgeous views, there are also some surprises along the way as delicious scents waft towards guests and a familiar locations pops up in the finale. Soarin’ Around the World is definitely an experience that must be enjoyed on every trip to Walt Disney World! (Photo credit Disney Parks)