12 Things You Simply MUST Do Every Trip To Walt Disney World

2. Haunted Mansion -- The Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square is home to one of the most beloved and classic attractions in all of Walt Disney World. The Haunted Mansion invites guests into an impressive manor home that might look clean and cared for on the outside, but houses something eerie. ON the way to the front door, guests pass through an interactive graveyard including headstones that can recite poetry, sneeze bubbles, and propose a murder mystery. Once inside, guests quickly meet their Ghost Host who narrates the experience beginning with the Stretching Room. Once on board their Doom Buggies, guests can enjoy all that the Haunted Mansion has to offer including some beloved characters like Madame Leota, Little Leota, Constance the murderous bride, and the three hitchhiking ghosts. Combining ominous and humorous scenes, the Haunted Mansion is sure to leave guests with the classic song “Grim Grinning Ghosts” stuck in their heads and a hitchhiking ghost following them home!