12 Things You Simply MUST Do Every Trip To Walt Disney World

3. Pirates of the Caribbean -- Another classic attraction in the Magic Kingdom is a favorite of guests who have an undying sense of adventure. Pirates of the Caribbean invites guests into the Castillo de Morro where they roam through arsenals, a skeletal game of chess, and other pirate paraphernalia. Guests then board boats and set sail for adventure, beginning with an ominous warning from either Davy Jones or Blackbeard before moving through caves with plenty of skeletal remains. After a quick plunge, guests find themselves in the middle of a raging battle between the fort and the pirates before emerging in a burning seaside village. Guests who look all around them in Pirates of the Caribbean can spot Captain Jack Sparrow from the film series of the same name as well as other memorable characters including Carlos, the Auctioneer, the Redhead, and the pirates begging for keys from a nearby dog at the end. With the classic song “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)” and plenty of adventure, guests absolutely must enjoy a ride on Prates of the Caribbean.