12 Things You Simply MUST Do Every Trip To Walt Disney World

4. Dumbo the Flying Elephant -- One attraction in the Magic Kingdom is considered to be a rite of passage by many Disney fans and also is a must do attraction on each trip. Dumbo the Flying Elephant can be found in the Storybook Circus section of the park and offers guests the opportunity to soar high in the skies with the special elephant. Guests first enter into a massive circus tent featuring a large play area for little ones to climb, explore, and play. Those who choose to wait in the play area will receive a pager that will alert them when their time to ride is ready, allowing them the chance to sit down or play instead of continuing to stand and wait on line. Once their turn is ready, guests proceed to the loading area and get to board one of two spinners full of Dumbos. Each spinner is ornately decorated and suspended above a wonderful fountain, offering an unforgettable lying experience combined with the beautiful views of the surrounding areas.