12 Things You Should Never Do at Walt Disney World

6. Don’t bring in wrapped gifts.

You might be celebrating the birthday of a loved one while at Disney World. Florida annual passholders often go into the parks just to celebrate at one of Disney’s fabulous restaurants. Gifts and celebrations go hand in hand, but while Walt Disney World is the most exciting place on Earth to celebrate any event, you won’t get through security with a wrapped gift. That’s because security guards at bag check are charged with the arduous task of rummaging through Guests’ bags, purses, backpacks, diaper bags and the like, in search of any type of prohibited item. If such an item is found upon their search—selfie sticks, glass containers, etc.—the guard must confiscate the item. Because the contents of wrapped gift cannot be seen without unwrapping the package, that’s exactly what will happen. You’ll be asked to unwrap the gift and show the contents at bag check. If you choose not to do so, you will be asked to return it to your car or your hotel room. If you must bring gifts into the parks, the best idea is to bring them in unwrapped, in one of your bags or your purse. You can later wrap it in a gift bag with tissue paper before handing it to the recipient, once you’ve gone through bag check.