12 Things You Should Never Do at Walt Disney World

7. Don’t try to use someone else’s ticket or MagicBand.

This is a big one. If you’ve visited Walt Disney World in recent years, you know that at the entrance turnstiles to each park, you either tap your ticket or MagicBand AND your finger to the Mickey head at the kiosk. You must use the same finger at the kiosk every time you use your ticket or MagicBand to enter any of the four theme parks. When you’re traveling in a big party, it’s common for one or more of the party to take a day off from the parks while others in the group go ahead. Maybe they offered you their ticket to use that day, so you don’t have to upgrade, or add days, to your ticket. It can be tempting, but don’t do it. Since you don’t have identical fingerprints, you won’t get into the parks, and if a Cast Member discovers what you’re doing, you may be asked to leave the parks. It’s not worth that risk, so don’t do it.