12 Things You Should Never Do at Walt Disney World

10. Don’t jump the queue.

Yes, it can be very crowded at Walt Disney World, and the best way to see and feel how crowded the parks are on any particular day is to stand in line for an attraction. Warm temperatures, rain, crying babies—all can be reasons you might want to jump in front of someone else in line, perhaps while he or she is looking away. But exercise self-control at all costs. Not only will you make no friends among other Guests in the queue, but if you refuse to go back to your spot in line, you may be asked to leave the park for the day. Bring a snack, download a fun game app or spend some time talking with your loved ones to busy yourself while waiting in line. It can feel like you’ll never be at the front of the line, but if you’re removed from the park, you won’t get to enjoy the attraction at all that day.