12 Things You Should Never Do at Walt Disney World

12. Don’t impersonate a character.

Everyone loves Disney characters, and most of us even have a few who we consider our favorites. All over the parks, you’ll see children, especially little girls, dressed as their favorite Disney characters, often Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Tiana and Jasmine. But adults and teens in the parks will have to find other ways to honor their favorite Disney heroes, heroines, princes and princesses because Guests aged 14 and over are not permitted to wear costumes while at Walt Disney World. Disney doesn’t want any confusion for Guests when it comes to the characters—which characters are employed by Disney, and which ones are park Guests masquerading as characters, either as a prank or to impede operations and day-to-day functions at Disney? To keep any kind of confusion from happening, and to ensure the safety of all Guests who come to visit, a Cast Member will approach you if you are wearing a costume, and if you can’t pass for younger than 14, you’ll be asked to remove your costume and return to the parks after making a different selection of apparel.