12 Things You Should Never Do at Walt Disney World

1. Don’t video record during rides.

This is really a two-part restriction. Disney World prohibits video recording anything in the parks for commercial use, whether it’s inside an attraction, in a restaurant or on a ride. Outside of commercial use, you’re still not supposed to use a video camera while on a ride, but many people video record their adventures on “It’s a Small World” and no one says anything to them. But try video recording your epic stretch limo ride to the Aerosmith concert on “Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and you will absolutely be stopped. That’s because on roller coasters, video cameras present real danger in the form of serious injuries to you and to other Guests. Should you lose your grip on your camera, you can seriously hurt yourself or someone else in the process, not to mention you’ll most likely incur the cost of replacing your lost and/or damaged camera.

By Becky Burkett