12 Things You Should Never Do at Walt Disney World

3. Don’t bring wheels into the parks.

Walt Disney World allows wheelchairs, ECVs and strollers (no larger than 36” x 52”) in the parks. But don’t ride your Segway up to the bag check line and expect to roll on through the line. You’ll be stopped and asked to step off your Segway and take it back to your vehicle. If your kids have wheels on their shoes, make sure they are walking in those shoes only and not using the wheels in the parks. Since it can be a temptation for a little one to “roll” on his shoes from time to time, it’s a better idea to leave that pair of shoes back at the hotel and wear regular, unwheeled shoes into the parks. Also make sure your teens know they’ll have to catch some air somewhere else because there are no half pipes at Disney World, and skateboards are another set of wheels that are prohibited in the parks. Bikes, tricycles and wagons are also prohibited, so leave those at home too.