12 Things You Can Never Take into a Disney Park

4) You can’t take an unbelief in the Magic into a park.

Again, not a written rule of conduct at Disney, but bringing an unbelief in the magic of Disney and pixie dust can take away the magic from other Guests, especially children. For example, if you are an expert on the technology used to create the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion, please don’t explain it to others who haven’t asked for a Cliff Notes version of ride technology. Let us believe in the magic. And please don’t stand in line to see a character and talk where others (especially children) can hear you about the fact that “this Belle is not the same one we saw yesterday.” Please don’t say things out loud, such as “Did you know that one Cast Member might play the role of several characters?” Remember that others are having their experiences too, and no Guest’s negativity should take away from another’s best day ever.