12 Things Nobody Tells You About Walt Disney World

8. Hidden Mickeys -- Part of what makes the four theme parks in Walt Disney World so amazing is the intense level to detail that is instilled in every aspect. From design and architecture to artwork and plant life, there are so many details that come together in each area to form a specifically unique feel for that location. While many guests might notice some surface details, they may never stop to look close enough to discover that there are common things hidden throughout virtually every corner of the property. Hidden Mickeys are literally everywhere and they are considered to be anything that comes together to form the resemblance of Mickey. Hidden Mickeys can be found in silhouette or classic style, can be large or small, and easy to spot or extremely difficult. Guests who seek out Hidden Mickeys should be sure to look all around them as they can be found in décor, artwork, rockwork, props, architecture, and much more! While Mickey is the most popular hidden character, guests can also spot hidden Minnies, Donalds, Tinkerbells, and more. Finding Hidden Mickeys is a great way for guests to slow down and enjoy some of the details of the parks that might often be overlooked when moving from one attraction to the next.