12 Things Nobody Tells You About Walt Disney World

1. Fresh Food -- Many guests might think that Walt Disney World is home only to stereotypical theme park foods like hamburgers, chicken tenders, and french fries and are surprised when they find that the opposite is true. The restaurants located throughout the property are each uniquely themed and serve up delicious menu options inspired by many different cultures and countries around the world. The restaurants can even cater to all sorts of dining preferences and needs including allergies and those who keep kosher. With so many options to choose from, guests can enjoy a different meal each day and absolutely love each location they visit. In fact, some of the food that guests eat is so fresh that guests might not realize it is actually grown on property! The Land Pavilion in Epcot is home to massive greenhouses which can be seen from Living with the Land. The restaurants are full of different types of edible vegetation that seasonally grows in new and innovative ways. Once the vegetation is ready to be picked, it is distributed to different restaurants throughout Walt Disney World making certain menu items truly as fresh as can be!
By Caitlin Kane