12 Things Nobody Tells You About Walt Disney World

10. Security Is Everywhere -- With so many places to explore in Walt Disney World throughout the theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, Disney Resorts, and recreational locations, guests might wonder about how there can possibly be enough security to keep them safe. Turns out, Walt Disney World is one of the safest locations in the world thanks to a small army of security members who tirelessly work to help keep guests safe amongst the magic. Guests experience security immediately upon arriving at each park as they pass through a mandatory bag check and randomly chosen metal detectors. Once inside the parks, guests might notice security guards scattered here and there, but they mostly remain out of sight, purposely blending in to allow guests to go about their day with no qualms. In the event that there was ever an issue in the parks, guests might be surprised to learn how many members of the security team are always present but in plain clothes. They blend right in with the guests enjoying the parks and are always there to create calm and safety when needed. The security members help to make Walt Disney World one of the safest vacation destinations in the world without disrupting the magic for guests.