12 Things Nobody Tells You About Walt Disney World


8. Security Is Everywhere

With so many places to explore in Walt Disney World throughout the theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, Disney Resorts, and recreational locations, guests might wonder about how there can possibly be enough security to keep them safe. Turns out, Walt Disney World is one of the safest locations in the world thanks to a small army of security members who tirelessly work to help keep guests safe amongst the magic. Guests experience security immediately upon arriving at each park as they pass through a mandatory bag check and randomly chosen metal detectors. Once inside the parks, guests might notice security guards scattered here and there, but they mostly remain out of sight, purposely blending in to allow guests to go about their day with no qualms. In the event that there was ever an issue in the parks, guests might be surprised to learn how many members of the security team are always present but in plain clothes. They blend right in with the guests enjoying the parks and are always there to create calm and safety when needed. The security members help to make Walt Disney World one of the safest vacation destinations in the world without disrupting the magic for guests.

7. Fresh Food

Many guests might think that Walt Disney World is home only to stereotypical theme park foods like hamburgers, chicken tenders, and french fries and are surprised when they find that the opposite is true. The restaurants located throughout the property are each uniquely themed and serve up delicious menu options inspired by many different cultures and countries around the world. The restaurants can even cater to all sorts of dining preferences and needs including allergies and those who keep kosher. With so many options to choose from, guests can enjoy a different meal each day and absolutely love each location they visit. In fact, some of the food that guests eat is so fresh that guests might not realize it is actually grown on property! The Land Pavilion in Epcot is home to massive greenhouses which can be seen from Living with the Land. The restaurants are full of different types of edible vegetation that seasonally grows in new and innovative ways. Once the vegetation is ready to be picked, it is distributed to different restaurants throughout Walt Disney World making certain menu items truly as fresh as can be!

6. Utilidors

The Magic Kingdom is a favorite park of many guests as it is filled with many different lands that each feature their own unique themes, attractions, entertainment, shopping, and dining. Many of the experiences in the park are considered to be classics and must dos such as the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan’s Flight, and It’s A Small World. Since so many guests love the Magic Kingdom, it is no surprise that they spend lots of time there exploring all of the lands, but guests might be shocked to learn that they are actually on the second floor of the park! When constructing the Magic Kingdom, Imagineers wanted to make sure that there was a system of pathways for Cast Members to use out of sight from guests. This idea came about after issues in Disneyland where characters from one area of the park were found walking through another area looking very much out of place. When construction began in Florida, a massive area of land was excavated and special tunnels called Utilidors were created. The park was then built on top of the Utilidors so that guests could go about their day without ever noticing them. Utilidors combine utility and corridor and they are used for many different behind the scenes functions like garbage disposal, costuming, break rooms, and much more

5. Hidden Mickeys

Part of what makes the four theme parks in Walt Disney World so amazing is the intense level to detail that is instilled in every aspect. From design and architecture to artwork and plant life, there are so many details that come together in each area to form a specifically unique feel for that location. While many guests might notice some surface details, they may never stop to look close enough to discover that there are common things hidden throughout virtually every corner of the property. Hidden Mickeys are literally everywhere and they are considered to be anything that comes together to form the resemblance of Mickey. Hidden Mickeys can be found in silhouette or classic style, can be large or small, and easy to spot or extremely difficult. Guests who seek out Hidden Mickeys should be sure to look all around them as they can be found in décor, artwork, rockwork, props, architecture, and much more! While Mickey is the most popular hidden character, guests can also spot hidden Minnies, Donalds, Tinkerbells, and more. Finding Hidden Mickeys is a great way for guests to slow down and enjoy some of the details of the parks that might often be overlooked when moving from one attraction to the next.

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