12 Things Cast Members Recommend You Take To The Magic Kingdom

Guests who head to Walt Disney World are sure to enjoy every magical moment from the first attraction to the last few minutes before heading home. The vacation destination boasts an impressive four theme parks, two water parks, Disney Springs, and dozens of Disney Resorts for guests to explore and enjoy throughout their vacations. While there are plenty of things to enjoy, many guests love to spend a ton of time in the Magic Kingdom as the park is full of classic and thrilling attractions for guests of all ages. The Magic Kingdom is an amazing place to explore, and some guests might be more familiar with the location than others. To make the most out of each moment in the park, Cast Members have a lengthy list of items that they recommend guests have with them at all times in order to help them feel more comfortable, at ease, and ready to enjoy the magic. Some items are obvious whereas others are items that perhaps only Cast Members and seasoned Disney guests have thought of, but every item is suggested to help guests have the best time ever. Being prepared and ready for anything that could disrupt the magic is the best way to have a perfect day in the parks! Here are twelve things that Cast Members recommend guests take with them into the Magic Kingdom.

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