12 Things Cast Members Recommend You Take To The Magic Kingdom

Disney Rain Poncho

6. Poncho -- Intense rainfall in Central Florida is commonplace in the summer months, where it is not unheard of for the skies to simply open up and produce a downpour that can total up to inches in a short period of time. Guests who want to make the most of their time in the Magic Kingdom and not miss out on exploring thanks to a sudden rainfall should be prepared by carrying ponchos. When a sudden downpour begins, those who are prepared with ponchos can simply throw them on and continue enjoying their day. Those without ponchos are left to take cover somewhere dry and wait out the storm or purchase a poncho in virtually any store throughout the Magic Kingdom. While the ponchos sold in Walt Disney World are great and feature a Mickey on the back, they can be pricey compared to versions that can be bought ahead of time before leaving home.