12 Things Cast Members Recommend You Take To The Magic Kingdom

10. Anti-Chafe Stick -- Another unfortunate result of tons of walking in the Magic Kingdom is chafing. Many guests experience it on their feet from constant rubbing from their shoes or socks. In addition to band aids, guests can carry around an anti-chafe stick which glides onto any areas that are becoming sore from constant rubbing on their feet and prevents any further friction. In addition to foot chafing, guests can also experience some discomfort in other areas thanks to constant rubbing from walking paired with sweating in the hot Central Florida sun. Anti-chafe sticks are sold by several brands that can be used anywhere on the body and they are a very handy thing to carry at all times in the Magic Kingdom. Nothing can put a damper on enjoying the park more than being in constant pain or discomfort while walking, and anti-chafe sticks are a great item to help relieve the pain and ensure that the magic continues.