12 Things Cast Members Recommend You Take To The Magic Kingdom

Little Mermaid Shoes

1. Comfortable Shoes -- The number one item that Cast Members recommend that guests bring into the Magic Kingdom is a pair of comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes are the absolute key to enjoying time in the Magic Kingdom as they provide relief and the right amount of cushioning for guests who are on their feet throughout each day and exploring each area of the park. Those who opt to not wear comfortable shoes or shoes that have not been broken in yet can experience discomfort, pain, blisters, chafing, and more which easily puts a damper on any day in the Magic Kingdom. Guests who are in pain and discomfort are not going to want to continue to explore all that the park has to offer and leaves guests cranky. By wearing comfortable shoes, guests ensure that they are happy on their feet all day and can explore all corners of the Magic Kingdom without being interrupted by any painful moments. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

By Caitlin Kane