12 Things Cast Members Recommend You Take To The Magic Kingdom

2. Filtered Water Bottle -- One of the most important things to remember while enjoying a vacation in Walt Disney World is to stay hydrated. Guests who spend time in the Magic Kingdom can easily experience dehydration from the strong sun, constant walking, high humidity, sweating, and not drinking enough water. While guests can purchase water bottles in many locations throughout the Magic Kingdom and also obtain a free cup of ice water at any restaurant, many guests still do not drink enough and quickly feel the effects. Those who are dehydrated can experience headaches, nausea, fatigue, and even muscle pain which can definitely put a damper on how much they are enjoying their time in the Magic Kingdom. One of the easiest ways to stay hydrated in the park is by carrying a filtered water bottle. This reminds guests to fill up every time they see a water fountain and stay hydrated and happy throughout each moment of their vacation.