12 Reasons to Love Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

12. Adventureland Adventureland inside Magic Kingdom lives up to its name! Attractions in this magical land are full of fun and adventure! At the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, Guests board a boat for a dark ride through a town overtaken by pirates. At Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, Guests enjoy a musical show hosted by four macaws—Fritz, Pierre, Jose’ and Michael. Over 225 audio-animatronic birds, tiki gods, plants and flowers sing and “dance” to the music; there’s even a “chandelier” of cockatoos! The Jungle Cruise is another attraction for the adventurous soul—if you’re brave enough to face the animals and the dangers of the mighty Nile and Amazon Rivers, among others! You’ll also need to be brave enough to endure the skipper’s puns—one every two to three minutes during your boat ride!