12 Reasons to Love Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

3. Walt Disney World Railroad

Walt Disney loved trains, so it’s no wonder that every Disney park in the world has a railroad. The Walt Disney World Railroad only services the Magic Kingdom. The main station is just in front of the gates as Guests enter the park. The route around Magic Kingdom is 1.5 miles long, with two stations in addition to the main station—one in Frontierland and one in Fantasyland.

There are four Walt Disney World Railroad locomotives—three of which are currently in service. Each locomotive was named for Walt or someone in Walt’s life who had an impact on the park’s development—the “Walter E. Disney,” the “Lilly Belle,” the “Roger E. Broggie” and the “Roy O. Disney.” All of the locomotives were built between 1916 and 1928, making all but one locomotive older than Mickey Mouse himself!