12 Meals/Restaurants For Your Walt Disney World Bucket List

  1. Monsieur Paul - Epcot’s World Showcase is home to eleven different pavilions which each represent a country of the world. Each pavilion is home to at least one full service dining location and one quick service dining location which bring the cuisine of that country to life. The France Pavilion is home to amazing dining options, including a full service restaurant which cannot be missed. Monsieur Paul is located on their second floor of Chefs de France and offers up classic French cuisine in a charming setting. The interior of Monsieur Paul is decorated with modern details and bright pops of color accentuated by the large windows offering unique and beautiful views of World Showcase. Since Monsieur Paul is only open for dinner each day, it can be difficult to obtain a reservation, however guests that do score one will not be disappointed with the food. Menu options include delicious offerings such as Smoked Salmon, Roasted Duck Breast, Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Pan-Seared Black Cod, and Black Sea Bass. Monsieur Paul is a meal that definitely can’t be missed in Epcot! (Photo credit Disney)  Pictured-Duck from Monsieur Paul.