12 Items That Must Be on Your Walt Disney World Bucket List

5. Eat lunch at Prime Time Café. This item on the bucket list comes with a warning; eat lunch at Prime Time Café, but only if you intend to eat your veggies and keep your elbows off the table. That’s because meals at the PrimeTime Café, are served by waitstaff who expect you to call them “Aunt” or another family type name. You can enjoy great American comfort food like Mom and Grandma used to make, in portions just as big as you remember from growing up. You and your family eat while reruns of your favorite 1950s sitcoms play in a loop on TVs from the 50s as well. But if you’re caught with your elbows on the table, not eating your veggies, or not minding your manners in any other way, you’ll be reprimanded. It’s all in fun, of course, but there have even been instances of a waitress, “Aunt Rachel”, we’ll call her, loading up Guests’ forks with green beans and feeding them to the Guests. It’s a great place with really great pot roast, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and exceptional desserts, and the 1950s family-friendly diner atmosphere is something not to be missed! You’ll need to reserve this experience in advance via the My Disney Experience app, online at MyDisneyExperience.com or by calling (407) WDW-DINE.