12 Items That Must Be on Your Walt Disney World Bucket List

wilderness lodge christmas tree disney
6. Resort hop at Christmastime. Resort hopping is a timeless bucket list item at Walt Disney World. Resort hopping is going from Disney Resort to Disney Resort, visiting as many resort hotels as possible and taking in the architecture, décor and themes, as well as lunch, dinner and snack offerings at the resorts. Resort hopping is fun any time of the year, but at Christmastime, each resort is decorated festively—greenery, Christmas trees, wreaths, ribbon, ornaments and every other kind of holiday decoration is used, and the resort hotels come alive for the season. Resort hopping also affords Guests a multitude of opportunities for pin trading, so don’t forget your lanyard and Disney trading pins! You do not have to be staying in a resort in order to enjoy resort hopping. Go from place to place, and you can even use the Walt Disney World bus transportation system so you never even have to bring your car!