12 Experiences You Cannot Miss at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

2.) Test your skill at Toy Story Mania!

In the Toy Story Mania! attraction, Andy has a new game, and all the toys are waiting for him to leave so that they can open the game, set it up and begin playing against each other. Guests are invited to join them. We are shrunk to toy size and join the rest of the beloved Toy Story characters for a fun competition inside a virtual world full of carnival games. The fun begins in the queue for Toy Story Mania! (if you don’t have a FastPass+ time for the attraction) It’s one of the most fun queues in all of the Disney World Resort. The proportions of props in the queue are such that a person who is 5’6” tall will feel about 14 inches tall. See the ViewMaster reels that measure almost four feet in diameter. There are also Tinkertoy connectors in the queue that are nearly two feet across. There’s even a giant Etch-a-Sketch, huge crayons and an enormous Lincoln log house in the queue. You’ll board 20th century-inspired carnival ride trams. They twist and turn along the tracks to land you right in front of the game screen where you’ll play virtual carnival games. Have fun testing your skills in five fun virtual carnival games that use spring-action shooters. Compete against everyone in the family and see who scored the most points!