12 Experiences at Walt Disney World We Can’t Get Enough Of

6. Star Tours - The Adventure Continues -- Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings the glitz and glamour of the golden age of Hollywood to life through wonderful details, architecture, entertainment, and attractions. Guests who are fans of the Star Wars universe simply must spend time in the park as there are many opportunities to become immersed in the characters and stories of the fictional universe. Star Tours - The Adventure Continues brings guests into a Star Tours terminal where they are scheduled for a routine flight to a nearby planet. Shortly after taking off, guests find out that there is a Rebel Spy on board who is pertinent to the success of the Rebel Alliance. Guests soon find themselves on an unforgettable adventure that changes with each experience as the 3D scenes are randomized. At the end of the journey, guests are all members of the Rebel Alliance and eager to ride Star Tours - The Adventure Continues again to experience new scenes! (Photo credit: Disney)