12 Experiences at Walt Disney World We Can’t Get Enough Of

9. Pirates of the Caribbean -- Another classic attraction in the Magic Kingdom is located in the heart of Adventureland in the Castillo del Morro. Pirates of the Caribbean brings guests on a thrilling high seas adventure and allows them to feel like swashbucklers. As guests move through the queue, they can spot many great details including ammunition and cannons before moving into the loading area. Once on board their ships, guests set sail through eerie caves where the skeletal remains of pirates and mermaids can be found. A talking skull and crossbones suddenly appears overhead and guests find themselves plunging into a raging seaside battle complete with cannon fire. After emerging from the battle, guests encounter the burning seaside town where the pirates can be found causing all sorts of havoc including auctioning off brides and pillaging. Throughout Pirates of the Caribbean guests can spot Captain Jack Sparrow who is up to his usual antics and on the hunt for treasure. The final scene of the attraction shows Sparrow basking in his find and is sure to leave guests singing along to “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me).”