12 Experiences at Walt Disney World We Can’t Get Enough Of

3. Na’vi River Journey -- One of the most popular areas of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Pandora - The World of Avatar. The land transports guests to the Valley of Mo’ara where the Na’vi people live underneath the majestic floating mountains. One of the attractions in the area is the Na’vi River Journey where guests can embark on small boats into the beautiful forests of the valley. The forest is bioluminescent and comes to life with colors and all sorts of otherworldly creatures and vegetation. As guests move through the forest, they begin to hear the singing of the Na’vi as the people appear to be moving towards a central point. The finale of the Na’vi River Journey reveals the Na’vi Shaman of the Song who can be seen serenading guests and playing a variety of mythical instruments that bring the forest to life. The Na’vi River Journey is an experience for the whole family and showcases the beauty of the bioluminescent forest so that guests will want to return time and time again.