12 Do’s and Don’ts for Making Your Schedule at Walt Disney World

3.) DON’T forget to pack for the parks.

Having what you need while in the parks is as important as choosing your mode of transportation in getting from your home to Disney World. That’s because being prepared for your day in the parks can save you time, money and even keep you from having a negative experience at times. Be sure to bring a backpack into the parks that will serve as your “park bag.” Park bag necessities include sunscreen (yes, even in the fall and winter), any medications you’ll need while in the parks that don’t need refrigeration, cash, credit cards and Disney gift cards, your state-issued I.D., an extra pair of socks (in case you’re drenched in the rain or get too wet on Kali River Rapids) and anything else that you might need in a pinch. Note that gum is not sold in the parks, so if you like to chew gum, you’ll need to bring your own.