12 Disney Trading Pins That are Hard to Find

9. Disney Pin Celebration – The Museum of “Pin”-tiquities Figment Set

This 4-pin set was released on June 29, 2009 as part of a 3-day event held at EPCOT, which celebrated ten years of Disney Pin Trading. Only 75 sets were produced, making this set extremely rare. Since so few were made and because the set features Figment, this set is very difficult to find and very expensive if you do find it. The set features Figment in four different framed settings—Figment Cave Drawing, Atlas Figment (depicts Figment holding Spaceship Earth on his back), Figment Thinking and Figment in Space. The 4-pin set has sold for over $300 from third-party sellers. Good luck finding it—there are so few in circulation, and everyone loves Figment so those who purchase the set have a hard time parting with it.