12 Awesome Money-Saving Tips for a Walt Disney World Vacation

8. Order t-shirts and other souvenirs online.

The Disney parks have some wonderful souvenirs for you to take home and memorialize your trip. Or to take up space in a box in your garage, if you’re one of those people. But those souvenirs can come with a hefty price tag if you buy them in the parks. It makes sense to pay less for those items, especially if you’re getting identical merchandise. Shop the Disney merchandise website at www.ShopDisney.com, and search “parks” merchandise. You can scroll through pages of merchandise that is identical to items sold at the parks, but if you purchase that merchandise during one of the online promotions (and they have them often), you can easily get 20% to 30% off your entire purchase. Buy items online before your trip, and give them to your kids during your trip or after you’re back home.