12 Awesome Money-Saving Tips for a Walt Disney World Vacation

10. Buy Disney gift cards at Target.

Lots of Disney fans purchase Disney gift cards in the months leading up to their vacation. They are a smart way to save for your trip because you can’t spend them just anywhere. They are valid for use at Disney World, Disneyland, on Disney cruises, at the Disney Store and online at ShopDisney.com. You can save money when you purchase Disney gift cards at Target stores and use your Target debit card because you will save 5% on each card you buy. Doesn’t sound like a lot, right?

But consider that you buy a $100 Disney gift card each payday for six months before you come to the parks. That’s 2 gift cards purchased each month times six months, for a total value of $1,200 in Disney gift cards. If you buy those gift cards with your Target debit card, you’ll only pay $95 for a gift card valued at $100. So you’ll end up with $1,200 in Disney gift cards for which you only paid $1,140. It’s not a huge amount, but it adds up, especially for people who purchase a few thousand dollars in Disney gift cards to use on their trips.