12 Awesome Money-Saving Tips for a Walt Disney World Vacation

11. Begin saving immediately.

Without a doubt, Disney is the best vacation you can take with your family. It’s also one of the more expensive vacations you can take, and it’s worth every penny. But if you can save a few of those pennies on your trip, that’s worth exploring too!   

 Once you’ve decided that you are going to Disney World, whether it’s two years from now or two months from now, begin to put money aside for your trip. Though many people use their credit cards to finance their trips to the parks, the fun and memories from their trip can be somewhat soured when they get home, go to the mailbox and open their credit card statements. It’s always a good idea to do as much of your trip as possible with cash (debit card).

Set aside a certain dollar amount every week, or on every payday. Open a savings account at your local credit union, and deposit that money into the account regularly. Commit to not using that money for anything but your Disney World vacation. You’ll also accrue interest on your money (not a lot, but again, every penny counts!) In the months before your trip, pay for things with cash so that you get coins back in change every time you make a purchase. At the end of the day, empty your change into a coin jar. Every time the jar gets full (and it will happen quickly with this system), count the coins, roll the ones you can, and put them into a gallon-sized plastic bag labeled, “Magic coins for Disney World.” It’s fun, and coins add up very quickly.