12 Awesome Money-Saving Tips for a Walt Disney World Vacation

12. Visit the parks during non-peak seasons.

Disney theme park tickets and rates at Disney World Resort hotels increase during peak season. Peak can include the first week of January because of New Year’s celebrations, mid-March through mid-April because of Spring Break and Easter, mid-May through the first week of September because of summer, the last two weeks of October because of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, the last two weeks of November because of Thanksgiving and mid-December to the end of the year because of Christmas. During these times, rates at Disney Resort hotels will be highest because the demand is highest. Ticket prices for the theme parks increase by several dollars per ticket during peak season as well. That adds up if you are traveling with a family and you plan to stay several days. Going to Disney World in non-peak seasons will save you money and some of the stress that comes with making your way through large crowds.