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12 Amazing Facts About Disney Springs at Walt Disney World

Disney Springs may not be a theme park, but it certainly does have its own set of interesting factoids, fascinating history, and fun things to see and do. Unfortunately, not many people take the time to learn about this super fun Disney attraction. For this reason, we are going to use today’s article to dive into this super fun entertainment complex and provide some trivia nuggets you’ll love to share with family and friends during your next visit.


1. Name Changes

Disney Springs wasn’t always called Disney Springs. It started as Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village and was changed to Walt Disney World Village and then Disney Village Marketplace. Downtown Disney was the next name change, and it stuck around until 2015 when the complex received its current name of Disney Springs.

2. Interesting Backstory

We all know that Disney is big on storytelling. The majority of their rides have backstories that go along with them. However, did you know that Disney Springs has a backstory of its own? Essentially, the story is of a small town that was built around a spring. Each distinct area of the complex is built to match this story, and you can see how the architecture “changed” based on the time period when each town addition was built.

3. Free Fun

One of the best things about Disney Springs is the fact that it offers free fun. This means you can get a little taste of Disney without buying an expensive park ticket. Some of the most fun free things to do in Disney Springs include visiting the Lego Store for Lego car races, snagging a free chocolate sample from the Ghirardelli shop, and checking out the live entertainment on the big stage. Of course, you could also visit during the Christmas season to check out the awesome Christmas tree trail.

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4. Easy Access

Did you know that there are multiple ways to get to Disney Springs? Sure, you can drive in and park in one of the lots or garages, but guests can also ride buses from the resorts. However, the most fun way to get to this shopping area is by boat. There are a few different resorts that offer boat transport to and from Disney Springs.

5. World’s Biggest

Disney Springs is home to the world’s biggest Disney Store. This fantastic store is called World of Disney and contains absolutely any Disney merchandise your heart could possibly desire. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to check out this incredible store. You’re going to need it!

6. Recycled Bricks

When constructing The Landing area of Disney Springs, over 57,000 recycled bricks were used. These bricks were from the nearby Rollins College. This was great for the environment as it kept things local while ensuring no materials were wasted.

7. Princess Experiences

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a super fun place for any young princess fan. Here, kids are transformed into princesses and princes through the use of hairstyles, makeup, and costumes. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Disney Springs is one of only two in Florida, the other being located in Magic Kingdom.

8. Incredible Springs

When visiting Disney Springs you’ll notice that there’s quite a lot of water around. Considering the name of the place, this makes perfect sense, but most people have no idea exactly how much water is in the spring. The spring is as long as the walk down Main Street, U.S.A. to Cinderella Castle, and it takes 1.2 million gallons of water to fill it.

9. Hidden Mickeys

That World of Disney store we mentioned earlier? It is a great place to look for Mickey Mouse. Not only will you find him on countless products inside the store, you can also find him gracing the walls. Check out the murals on the interior walls and see if you can find the two hidden Mickeys there.

10. Shades of White

The Town Center area of Disney Springs features Spanish Revival architecture. Obviously, white paint must be used to complete such a theme, but we’re guessing you have no idea just how much white. It turns out that no less than 15 shades of white were used to create the perfect palate for this area.

11. Balloon Rides

Ever wanted to go up in a hot air balloon? Disney Springs is a great place to do it. That’s right! Not only is this area home to some seriously awesome shopping and dining, novel experiences such as hot air balloon rides (okay, more like helium balloon rides), boat rides, bowling, VR experiences, and more can be found here.

12. Cupcake ATM

Last but not least we must mention the cupcake ATM. There are only about a dozen of these sweet ATMs in the entire world, and Disney Springs gets to play host to one of them. You can find this ATM outside of the Sprinkles bakery, and yes, it does actually dispense cupcakes.

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