12 Amazing Disney Experiences That Give Me Goose Bumps Every Time!

10 Street Performers -- So much of a Disney vacation is spent waiting in line, trying to find ways to pass the time. Street performances are an added bonus at Walt Disney World. You won't have to worry about lines for a few minutes, you can just watch and have fun. Disney calls it "Streetmosphere". Some street performers will pick people from the crowd to participate, others will just wow you with their skills. Narrowing this list down to nine was difficult, there are many other talented acts who could have made it. Epcot has several acts that have made the list. That's because many of the countries have special performances to show their uniqueness and the amount of talent. Pick up a Times Guide when you enter a park to see when these and other acts will take place. If you notice a crowd gathered while on your vacation, head over and take a peak. You'll be glad that you did.