11 Walt Disney World Attractions You Didn’t Know Existed

Ok, so maybe you know they exist if you're a frequent guest. But for first-time guests, there are several attractions inside the four theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort that seem to be overlooked. They don’t get all the hoopla that other attractions get. Some of them are the “oldies but goodies” that were once in their prime and with others, there's more to them than meets the eye. As with anything Disney, old is never old – it’s classic. And nothing at Disney is ever forgotten. Without further ado, here are 11 Disney World attractions—some you may have enjoyed years ago and forgotten about, and others you just plain had no idea were ever a part of the Disney World experience at all. Whether you're planning your first visit or returning for the 50th time, make sure you have these attractions on your list of things to do.

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