11 Walt Disney World Attractions You Didn’t Know Existed

11. Jungle Cruise – Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

What do you get when you combine river boats, the African Congo, a native “head” hunter and wild-eyed skippers with a fondness for puns? Why, the Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World, of course! But if you’ve never heard the term “the backside of water,” chances are you are unaware of the adventure, danger, mayhem and pure silliness that await Guests who are brave enough to come aboard. Each river boat is creatively named to create more of that “jungle” feel, including the “Amazon Belle,” the “Kissimmee Kate,” the “Yangtze Lotus,” and the “Hondo Hattie.”

Along with other cruise-goers and your skipper (who is also a Disney Cast Member), you will navigate the waters of some of the world’s major rivers—the Nile, the Amazon and the Mekong—where you’ll observe audio-animatronic wildlife in their respective natural habitats, but beware of a traveling “head” salesman who has set up shop deep in the jungle.