11 Must Do After Dark Experiences at Walt Disney World

7. Splash Mountain -- The Magic Kingdom is home to several attractions that are located on their own mountains, including two that are found in Frontierland. One of the attractions found there is Splash Mountain which invites guests on a journey alongside Br’er Rabbit who leaves his home and sets out in search of more adventure. Br’er Rabbit soon finds himself constantly trying to evade capture by Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear who cause all sorts of antics that guests can enjoy while floating through the lengthy attraction. While there are plenty of scenes throughout Splash Mountain that occur indoors, there are also many instance when guests find themselves floating along outside. Once night falls in the Magic Kingdom, these outdoor portions offer wonderful views of Frontierland and Cinderella Castle in the distance. The culminating moment of Splash Mountain comes when guests find themselves plummeting down a steep drop into the Briar Patch below. Those who ride at night and are brave enough to keep their eyes open at the top of the drop are treated to wonderful views of the entire Magic Kingdom beautifully lit. (Photo Credit DisneyLists.com)