10 Ways You Might Be Doing Walt Disney World Wrong


5. You don’t take breaks.

Once you and your family finally get to the parks, there will be so many things to see and do that will bring smiles to your faces and memories to your mind for years to come. If you like, you can get to the parks at opening time, and stay until after the nighttime spectaculars. But don’t do so without taking breaks during the day. Schedule some time to go back to your hotel in the middle of the day and enjoy the swimming pool. Or take a nap. This is especially important if you have little ones with you.

If you try to enjoy the parks from sun up to sun down with no breaks, you’ll be absolutely exhausted by the end of the second day, if not sooner. And with exhaustion comes crankiness, moodiness and weepiness. No one wants to look back on a vacation full of frustration. So take those breaks, at least once a day, and more frequently when you or a member of your traveling party needs them.