10 Ways You Might Be Doing Walt Disney World Wrong

8. You don’t allow enough time.

As you already know, Disney World is huge, and it takes some time to experience the parks in their entirety. In fact, some experts have said that in order to ride every ride, see every show, enjoy every attraction and experience every dining opportunity at the Walt Disney World Resort, that even if you were to visit the parks every day for one whole year, you’d still have a difficult time seeing, experiencing and enjoying it all.

Because of this, you need to make a list of the major attractions and experiences you want to enjoy while you’re in the parks. Ask your kids what they want to experience. Ask your spouse. Ask everyone in your traveling party. Once you’ve compiled a master list of experiences, you’ll be able to decide how many days you want to be in the parks. (Here’s a hint—if your list of experiences is two pages long, single-spaced, and you’re only planning on three days in the parks, chances are you’ll be disappointed and find yourself marking things off your list that you simply did not have time to enjoy.)