10 Ways You Might Be Doing Walt Disney World Wrong

Strollers to Rent

2. You’re taking a child too soon.

When you visit any of the four parks at Walt Disney World, you will see children of all ages—toddlers, preschoolers, young children and teens. And why not? Disney is for kids and for the “kid” in all of us. There are also lots of babies at Disney World—little ones who need their feeding and napping schedule to be followed as closely as possible each day. It can present a challenge for you if you’re in the parks with a young baby.

There are nursing rooms in each park, and restrooms have changing tables. But it can be a lot to handle when you consider you’ll need to push a stroller throughout the park, and you’ll also need the diaper bag and everything that goes in it, as well as the time and place to prepare bottles if your baby takes formula. It’s not the impossible task, but it can be very challenging, and only you can decide if being challenged is what you want on a family vacation.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t bring a baby to the parks, but when you consider all the items you’ll need with you for your baby, as well as the fact that your baby is so young and won’t remember going to the parks at such a young age, you may want to consider waiting a few years before coming. Or you might have the grandparents keep your baby while you and your spouse get away for a few days to your happy place in Florida.