10 Ways to Save Big on Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation

4) Buy souvenirs before you get to Disney. -- Souvenirs are a part of every family vacation—a tangible remembrance of your time away as a family. A Disney vacation is no different. Except for the fact that Disney World offers thousands of different souvenirs for purchase, but some of them come with a quasi-hefty price tag. How can you have souvenirs from your Disney trip without putting yourself in a financial quagmire? Having a souvenir budget will help you in this area, but with all the amazing souvenirs in the shops at Disney, it can be hard for even the most stringent saver to say no.

Instead, purchase several Disney-themed items before your trip, and take them along to give to your kids once you’ve been in the parks. Buy Disney t-shirts, socks, hoodies and plush animals during a sale at the Disney store, or at your local department store during a sale. You’ll save money, and your family will be less interested in shopping in the parks if they know there are goodies waiting for them back at the hotel.