10 Ways to Save Big on Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation

6) Purchase tickets through an authorized ticket seller. -- Ticket prices at Walt Disney World are set. In other words, there is no haggling over ticket prices when you purchase them online or in person through Disney. But you can save a little if you go through an authorized Disney ticket seller. Some of these include UndercoverTourist.com and officialticketcenter.com. Beware of scams and con-artists. Never buy used Disney tickets; most expire 14 days after the first day is used. Also, you are required to use your fingerprint each time your scan your ticket. If someone else has used the ticket, your fingerprint won’t match, and your ticket will be worthless.

Also, don’t ever buy Disney tickets from an individual, on eBay or on Craigslist. You have no way of knowing whether those tickets are bona fide, unused Disney World tickets, and you won’t find out until you present your ticket at the park gates on your first day.